Corporate Sustainability


Operations Innovation Assessments

As the global marketplace expands and evolves, staying competitive requires continual progress and innovation. Profitability and risk management hinge greatly on resource efficiency and performance optimization. Committed to keeping our clients at the forefront of their industries, SSC is proud to offer Operations Innovation Assessments (OIA) Ė a service that will improve an organizationís operating efficiency, reduce risks, and ensure lasting competitive advantage.

Building upon decades of comprehensive experience, SSC assesses manufacturing operations to identify sources of wasted material, energy, water, and other resources that are negatively impacting production costs. With a long-term focus, our expert team will advance your operations with industry-leading efficiency measures, classify risk factors, and develop innovative solutions to your specific needs. SSCís Operations Innovation Assessments have improved resource efficiency, boosted bottom lines, and enhanced our clientsí capacity for growth.

Benefits of OIA

Realized Results

Saint-Gobain, Granville, NY

  • $192,500 annual cost savings
  • 20% reduction in propane usage
  • 50% reduction in water consumption

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

  • $480,000 annual cost savings
  • Reduced water consumption by 300,000 gallons annualy

CertainTeed Roofing, Shreeveport, LA

  • Expected annual savings of over $200,000/year
  • Water reduction measures could save 2 million gallons per year

CertainTeed Roofing, Avery, OH

  • $400,000 annual cost savings