Sustainable Buildings and Operations


Building Performance Improvement Program

Increasingly, sustainability is becoming a discipline that supports property owners’ businesses much like legal, finance, sales, or IT services. Sustainable Solutions Corporation developed The Building Performance Improvement Program (BPIP) to address the needs of large property owners/managers in the areas of building operations and sustainability. The intent of the BPIP is to standardize and simplify building performance throughout a property owner’s portfolio in order to deliver bottom line results.

Program Overview

The first phase of the BPIP places all buildings enrolled in the program onto a level playing field where performance can be measured, managed and compared. This is typically accomplished through an ASHRAE Level I audit which yields an ENERGY STAR score as well as no- and low-cost measures to improve building performance immediately. This early analysis allows future capital intensive energy conservation measures to be, at least in part, 'paid from savings'.

The baseline provides many benefits to the owner, including:

The second phase of the BPIP improves building performance through operations, capital improvements (as determined through an ASHRAE Level II audit), or pursuit of third-party certifications, such as LEED. Depending on the specific objectives of the portfolio and each property, one or all of the strategies can be pursued in a holistic manner.

Long-term business relationships yield the most valuable results for the client. The third step of the BPIP is continuous benchmarking via ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. It’s simply not enough to make energy efficiency investments and implement sustainable operations into the portfolio; results must be verified through accurate, and ongoing, benchmarking. As each property improves over time, additional value opportunities become available, such as ENERGY STAR and LEED certifications. SSC takes a proactive role with property managers to ensure that informed decisions regarding building performance are being made year-round.