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Progressive businesses understand that sustainability delivers resource efficiency, competitive advantage, and bottom-line growth. Sustainable Solutions Corporation is proud to support some of the world’s most sustainable companies by being their go-to partner for holistic sustainability strategies and individual initiatives throughout these programs.


“As our partner in sustainability, the SSC team is an extension of myself within our organization and ensures the success of ASSA ABLOY’s sustainability program. I could not be more pleased with SSC’s work.”

Amy Vigneux, ASSA ABLOY

A progressive sustainability program is not focused on a single project, but encompasses initiatives that support one another.

SSC works with you to understand your operations and develop the scope and goals of your sustainability program. Considering applicable constraints, we develop a high-level strategy, along with recommended actions, that will provide the most value to your organization through realistic short, medium and long-term goals. We work with you to refine this strategy overtime, enabling you to reach your goals. SSC is committed to your success and provides support throughout the implementation of each step in your sustainability program.


“The Sustainable Solutions Corporation team are highly qualified professionals in the field of Sustainability. SSC has assisted Merck with achieving and, in some instances, exceeding our Corporate Sustainability goals.”

Nancy Bednarik, Merck

Beyond operations, product development and the goods that corporations produce represent one of the most fertile areas for sustainable improvement.

Through transparency, improved manufacturing practices, and product innovation, SSC helps customers optimize their products, find new customers, and win when it matters most.


“The EPDs we’ve published provide transparent information about the environmental impacts of our ceiling products. This gives our customers the confidence that our products deliver on the promises we have made.”

Dawn Chittick, CertainTeed Corporation

Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment is used to understand the impacts and benefits of a product across its life cycle. LCAs can be used to meet green building requirements, transparency initiatives, and as a critical tool for designing more sustainable products.

Environmental Product Declaration

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a single source of transparent, scientifically compelling information which discloses the full environmental impact of a product across its life cycle.

Sustainable Product Innovation

Sustainable Product Innovation enables product teams to consider alternative materials, processes, sourcing, and other aspects of a product which can result in cost savings, reduced environmental impacts, and a competitive sales advantage.

Material Ingredient Reporting

SSC helps clients adhere to material ingredient transparency initiatives through Declare Label development, Health Product Declarations, and Manufacturer’s Inventory reporting.

If you want to increase your profit margin, reducing waste and improving production efficiency is an easy and powerful way to start. Committed to keeping our clients at the forefront of their industries, SSC offers operations assessments to improve an organization’s operating efficiency, reduce risks, and ensure lasting competitive advantage.


“I am very impressed with SSC’s professionalism, attention to detail, and, most of all, the level of cost savings identified through this project. Not only did they provide a roadmap of how to implement improvements at my facility, they quantified and emphasized recommendations that could be accomplished immediately with minimal upfront costs and quick paybacks.”

Sustainability Manager, ASSA ABLOY Door Group

Building upon decades of comprehensive experience, SSC assesses manufacturing operations to identify sources of wasted material, energy, water, and other resources that are negatively impacting production costs. With a long-term focus, our expert team will advance your operations with industry-leading efficiency measures, classify risk factors, and develop innovative solutions to your specific needs. Operations assessment and efficiency services include:

Energy Audits

An audit and analysis of operations’ energy usage to identify inefficiencies and opportunities to reduce overall spend and energy consumption.

Waste Characterization

SSC measures, characterizes, and quantifies material flows and all waste streams in order to properly understand your operations. We evaluate your current system for handling and management of materials and waste.

Water Audits

Detailed review of water use and reclamation / reuse opportunities to reduce total water usage and identify cost savings throughout.

Waste Diversion and Zero waste

Waste equates to lost resources and profits, and reducing all forms of waste is critical to an effective and sustainable business strategy. Reducing waste not only reduces costs, but also positions an organization as a responsible market leader.

Green Marketing develops effective messaging around sustainability programs to successfully communicate your achievements to the public and current/potential customers.

SSC has developed an approach to marketing that combines corporate messaging and sustainability. We look at green marketing as an opportunity to educate consumers on our clients' products and services, to increase brand recognition, and capturing market share across a range of industries. SSC supports our client’s marketing efforts through:

  • Product evaluations

  • Green standards evaluations

  • Marketing claims reviews

  • Sustainability report development


“The training was excellent, very comprehensive and presented in an easy to understand and engaging way. I walked away learning a lot of helpful and valuable information to begin sharing immediately with my customers.”

Jeff Oertel, CertainTeed Corporation


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