Corporate Sustainability Case Studies

Case Studies by Service:

CertainTeed Corp. - Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Creating a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy has provided CertainTeed a framework to help the organization determine initiatives to implement now and to establish targets for the future. CertainTeed’s strategy allows it to identify realistic short, medium, and long-term goals and develop a detailed budget and schedule that will enable CertainTeed to reach its goals.

Operations Innovation Assessment

Operations Innovation Assessments have enabled CertainTeed to evaluate performance, identify improvements, and reduce costs at numerous facilities. Increasing plant efficiency has delivered bottom-line results and remains a significant focus in CertainTeed’s sustainability plan. The successes at each facility have been replicated at consecutive plants to develop a cross-facility standard.

New Facility Design Standardization

As a result of the Sustainability Assessments conducted at existing facilities, CertainTeed developed a standard for construction of new plants. This provides the basis for sustainable development at all new locations to ensure optimal performance.

Sustainable Product Innovation

Sustainable Product Innovation (SPI) enables CertainTeed’s product development teams to consider alternative materials, processes, sourcing, and other aspects of a product, which can result in decreased environmental impacts throughout the product’s life (cradle-to-grave). This system has led to product innovation, decreased costs and increased revenues.

Life Cycle Assessment

CertainTeed employs Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as an analytical tool to evaluate the total environmental impacts of its products at each stage of the product’s life. Life cycle data is used by CertainTeed to identify opportunities for improvement throughout the production process. Changes implemented in the supply chain have improved product quality while reducing costs. Read more...

Environmental Product Declarations

Using Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to publish LCA data demonstrates CertainTeed’s commitment to transparency and sustainability. CertainTeed’s EPDs have been industry firsts, in some cases, and provide a distinct competitive advantage by transparently communicating product impacts, satisfying sustainable supply chain requirements, and contributing to earning LEED credits. Read more...

Green Marketing

Effectively communicating its sustainability mission and accomplishments has established CertainTeed as an industry leader. Green Marketing has been an integral part of CertainTeed’s brand recognition and competitive advantage in the green marketplace.


CertainTeed offers continuous training with a top-down approach in order to engage its employees and integrate sustainability objectives throughout the organization. Training is essential to the success of a comprehensive sustainability program, and affects all aspects of a business – from new product development, material sourcing, manufacturing, building operations, marketing and sales.

Building Responsibly

Builders, contractors and manufacturers continue to look for ways to reduce the impact on the environment while meeting customer demand for products that deliver beauty, comfort and performance. CertainTeed’s commitment to these goals is reflected in its buildingresponsibly™ brochure, which highlights its ongoing effort to become the preeminent supplier of green building materials.