Corporate Sustainability Case Studies

Case Studies by Service:

Saint-Gobain Life Cycle Assessments

SSC conducted an industry-first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics’ Norton® Thermalbond® and Thermalbond Xpress™ architectural foam spacer tapes produced at its Granville, NY facility. The LCA was conducted according to ISO 14040 and 14044 standards to assess the environmental impacts of Thermalbond across the product’s life cycle. This evaluation examined impacts from raw material extraction and processing, material shipping, manufacturing, packaging, installation and disposal. An independent critical review of the LCA was completed by Four Elements, LLC, ensuring ISO compliance.

Life cycle assessment is just one aspect of a progressive sustainability program, and using LCA to design greener products is an integral part of long-term corporate sustainability objectives. The plant uses LCA data to identify processes and materials that can be improved to enhance environmental performance and reduce costs. In the past year, the manufacturing facility implemented initiatives to reduce its energy use and environmental footprint. A baseline LCA was used to analyze the original Thermalbond product, and further LCAs measure the continual improvements as changes are made to the product line.

Realized Results