Sustainable Buildings and Operations Case Studies

Case Studies by Service:

Lycoming Engines

Lycoming Engines viewed the design and construction of the new Heat Treating facility as an opportunity to integrate sustainable building aspects that not only reduce the environmental footprint and provide cost savings, but also result in improved productivity and working conditions for employees. The project team used a holistic sustainable design approach that addressed building materials, envelope, HVAC, lighting systems, process equipment, and indoor air quality. Increased roof insulation and efficient ventilation equipment save electricity and provide enhanced employee comfort. The building also includes advanced lighting systems and controls that provide natural light in a windowless structure and reduce electricity consumption for lighting by up to 70%.

The most significant improvement over the previous facility is switching from an ammonia nitriding process to a plasma (ion) nitriding process. This change resulted in reduced energy consumption, decreased cycle times and elimination of the environmental issues associated with ammonia nitriding.