Corporate Sustainability


Environmental Product Declarations

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a single source of transparent, scientifically compelling information which discloses the full environmental impact of a product from cradle to grave. A qualified third party provides independent verification of quantitative data in accordance with a standardized methodology ISO Standard 14025 so that similar products can be compared objectively. Publishing LCA data demonstrates a commitment to transparency and sustainability. Publicly available data can provide a distinct competitive advantage by transparently communicating product impacts, satisfying sustainable supply chain requirements, and contribute to earning LEED credits.

EPD Overview

All Environmental Product Declarations are developed per ISO-14025 standards and must conform to an established product category rule. SSC has experience working with several EPD program operators and will work to develop an EPD according to their specified format. SSC coordinates with the critical reviewers and program operators through publication, and can assist with developing a press release and other marketing material surrounding the publication of an EPD.

PCR Development

A Product Category Rule (PCR) is a critical requirement that precedes the development of an EPD. A PCR governs what information is disclosed and how it is disclosed in an EPD, ensuring comparability between products that perform the same function. A PCR is openly and collaboratively developed with multiple interested parties to ensure the integrity and transparency of the resulting EPDs. SSC has extensive experience with LCAs, EPDs, and PCRs across multiple industries and can help support or advise in the development
of a product category rule for your product.

Critical Review of EPD

An EPD must be critically reviewed to ensure that it conforms to the relevant Product Category Rule and ISO standards. SSC will review your EPD according to the appropriate standard and provide meaningful feedback to correct gaps and improve the quality of the document.