Promoting portfolio value

Increasingly, sustainability is becoming a discipline that supports property owners’ businesses much like legal, finance, sales, or IT services. SSC uses over decades of experience to provide building owners and property managers the services and tools they need to increase the efficiency of their buildings and generate value.


“I am impressed with the diligence and skill of SSC in pursuing the best compliance path for our Jersey city tower. SSC is well known to us and they continue to deliver dependable, experienced advice on each project.”

Mark Sheeleigh, Roseland Property Company

Developed to address the needs of large property owners/managers, Building Benchmarking and Performance Improvement standardizes and simplifies building performance throughout a property owner’s portfolio in order to deliver compounding bottom line results.


“our Sustainable Buildings and Operations Program not only helps us attract and retain tenants, but also illustrates our ongoing commitment to sustainability.”

Doug Morris, James Campbell Company, LLC

Energy Audits

Professional audit that identifies recommendations for significant energy and cost savings.

WAste diversion and Zero Waste

Waste equates to lost resources and profits, and reducing all forms of waste is critical to reducing building impacts and costs.


SSC’s focus is on developing effective policies and programs that meet LEED requirements and, more importantly, deliver the greatest bottom line results.

ENERGY STAR Certification

Providing owners and property managers the tools and insight to significantly reduce building operating expenses.

Philly Benchmarking

Benchmarking and disclosing building energy usage to adhere to Philadelphia’s energy disclosure legislation (Bill #120428).

ENergy Modeling

Using computer simulation to predict new building energy usage or estimate the savings of energy efficiency improvements for existing buildings.

Integrating sustainable practices across a real estate portfolio can be a difficult task without standardized playbooks and procedures. SSC works to develop sustainability guidelines for both new construction and existing buildings for a variety of portfolios.


“Our emphasis on sustainability has helped us reduce impact and cost. We have learned that even simple changes can have a big impact.”

Chris Altmansberger, CertainTeed Corporation

SSC's approach to developing Construction and Operations Guidelines ensures a practical, easily implemented program that will be relevant for the entire portfolio—whether in a single region, across various climate zones, or spanning international borders. With a focus on meeting an organization's Corporate Social Responsibility and financial objectives, SSC crafts standards and guidelines to:

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Improve stakeholder health and wellbeing

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Adhere to various green building standards such as LEED, ENERGY STAR, IgCC, CalGreen

  • Set comprehensive guidelines for new construction, operations, and/or tenant fit-out requirements

  • Establish detailed templates for construction specifications and policies for existing buildings

In addition to developing the guidelines, SSC offers training for executives, property managers, and building engineers to ensure guidelines are faithfully implemented.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System is designed to guide and distinguish high-performing commercial and institutional projects. LEED certification for new construction and existing buildings creates increased property value and can reduce overall operating expenses across a building’s life.


“The SSC team is first-class! Their guidance and support was invaluable in assisting Liberty to achieve our first LEED for Existing Buildings Certification and to provide sustainable, high performance real estate for our customers.”

Dennis Skelly, Liberty Property Trust

SSC provides a 'turn-key' LEED Certification service from pre-design through final certification. This integrated approach ensures project coordination and efficiency, reducing total project costs and schedule.


LEED for Building Design and Construction focuses on optimizing new construction projects to build holistic green buildings.


LEED for Interior Design and Construction helps teams develop indoor spaces that are better for the planet and their people.


LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance enhances operations, reduces costs, and provides a roadmap for continuous improvement in building performance.

Educating employees, tenants, and customers about your green buildings demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and to providing healthy, comfortable indoor spaces.


“Tad and SSC did a great job customizing the message to the audience, and the level of engagement, even with such a big group, was great.”

Doug Bowman, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

SSC develops and delivers training to:

  • Introduce LEED to your audience

  • Highlight the sustainable features of your building

  • Demonstrate the value of this certification

Along with training, SSC will develop green marketing content to highlight the achievements of the LEED certification. This can be included in tenant manuals, employee handbooks, and lobby touch screens.

Tenant Attraction and Retention

Progressive organizations and tenants are seeking green workspaces for the performance and human health benefits. Studies have shown that LEED certified buildings have increased occupancy rates and command rental premiums.

Employee Engagement

Communicating corporate sustainability successes, including LEED certification, inspires employees to further this corporate commitment.


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