Corporate Sustainability


Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy

A progressive sustainability program is not focused on a single project, but encompasses initiatives that support one another. SSC works with you to understand your operations and develop the scope and goals of your sustainability program. Considering applicable constraints, we develop a high-level strategy, along with recommended actions, that will provide the most value to your organization. Sustainability Strategies identify realistic short, medium and long-term goals. We work with you to refine this strategy to enable you to reach your goals. SSC provides support during the implementation of each step in your new sustainability program.

Illustrated in the graphic to the right, SSC's Corporate Sustainability services are interrelated, and are all key elements of a successful Sustainability Strategy that provides ROI. Operations Innovation Assessments generate production efficiencies, which deliver cost savings as well as reduced life cycle impacts. Sustainable Product Innovation aims to reduce environmental impacts of current and future products. Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) identify processes and materials that can be improved to enhance operational performance and reduce costs. Life cycle data not only fuels product and process innovation, but can be used for responsible reporting through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Marketing these efforts improves brand image and generates sales.

Once the Sustainable Manufacturing services are developed, SSC provides Training and Education to assure a complete and integral understanding of sustainability throughout operations. Training enables sales, marketing, R&D and management teams to effectively capitalize on their sustainability initiatives in order to compete in today's marketplace.