Setting strong foundations

Assure a complete and integral understanding of sustainability throughout your operations. Training enables sales, marketing, R&D, and management teams to effectively capitalize on their sustainability initiatives in order to compete in today’s marketplace.


“SSC conducted interactive training that provided cutting edge information, key market drivers, and industry insight specific to Unilever. This has enabled us to continue to refine our sustainable living strategies”

Jonathan Atwood, Unilever

Whether your goal is to educate employees, clients, or suppliers, SSC's customized training programs will meet your needs.

As demand for corporate responsibility continues to grow across industries, sustainability is becoming a powerful sales tool. Ensuring that your sales teams can effectively communicate sustainable product attributes and company successes requires training and a firm understanding of your sustainability program. Sustainable Solutions Corporation will teach your team to confidently speak the customer’s language and turn sustainability into sales.


“To put it mildly, you have opened our eyes to a whole new world in regard to sustainability and the use of our product to help achieve desired results. Everyone I spoke with said that your presentation was the highlight of the week!”

Jon Nickless, Solar Gard, LLC

Training is essential to effectively execute change - from prioritizing safety in operations to integrating new IT systems, and corporate sustainability initiatives are no different.

Training plays a critical role in advancing sustainability objectives and ensuring successful implementation. Our team of experienced professionals will design, develop, and deliver hands-on, client-specific training onsite or online.


“I was overwhelmed with where to even begin with our sustainability program, but The Corporate Responsibility workshop laid out the key steps i needed to plan a successful sustainability initiative. I left the session with an action plan that I was able to begin implementing immediately.”

Amanda Troise, ASSA ABLOY

Training Courses

Principles of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

This specialized training provides the tools to develop or enhance a corporate sustainability program, ensuring your organization meets market demands, maximizes profitability, and minimizes social and environmental impacts.

Sustainable Product Innovation

This course offers manufacturers high-level training on Sustainable Product Innovation and product stewardship, providing the knowledge base needed to introduce sustainable practices into your organization.

Sustainable Manufacturing and Operations Training

Manufacturing plant personnel play a key role in implementing sustainability initiatives and reducing impacts of a facility. This hands-on training evaluates the client's products and operations and provides a customized action plan for incorporating sustainability throughout the organization.

Sustainable Operations for Buildings: The Value to Your Bottom Line

Efficiency improvements in all operations of any building can be achieved through an understanding of principles of sustainable operations, building performance measurement and benchmarking, and sustainable facilities management.

How to Market Sustainability Initiatives

This training will provide your company with a roadmap to marketing your sustainability program to meet government or customer requirements, increase sales or improve your competitive advantage.

Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy

As every business is reliant on certain resources to continue operating, long-term planning must consider all the factors that can affect operations and growth. SSC trains your team to analyze your supply chain to identify risks and opportunities to manage or avoid supply shortages, lost production time, fluctuating material costs, delivery delays, and more.

As industry experts, we seek to empower internal teams to execute sustainability programs and product assessments with ease.


“The seminar was a great opportunity to broaden the education of myself and my co-workers on environmental sustainability strategy. The workbook is a nice reference and a good blue print for your sustainability program.”

Michael Waslin, Merck

Training Courses

How to Conduct Life Cycle Assessments

Our Life Cycle Assessment Certified Practitioners will provide the tools and expertise to internal client teams so they can conduct life cycle assessments of various products.

Developing MAterial Ingredient Reports

We will review the basics of material ingredient reporting as well as share the tools and knowledge needed to develop these reports on a regular basis.


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