Corporate Sustainability


Waste Diversion and Zero Waste Service

Many businesses are facing growing pressure to reduce waste generated from operations and to divert waste from landfills. Customer requirements, state and local regulations, rising disposal costs, and employee demands are fueling the corporate movement to reduce waste. Sustainable Solutions Corporation (SSC) believes waste equates to lost resources and profits, and that reducing all forms of waste is critical to an effective and sustainable business strategy.

Each organization is unique, and there is no “standard solution” to reducing waste. SSC’s expert team utilizes decades of experience across a multitude of industries to provide clients with specific waste diversion solutions. Specializing in industrial facilities, SSC has the experience and proven approach to increase efficiency and reduce waste for any operation.

Our Approach:

Understanding Material Flows and Wastes

SSC measures, characterizes, and quantifies material flows and all waste streams in order to properly understand your operations. We evaluate your current system for handling and management of materials and waste to develop your waste diversion program strategy which includes:

Source Reduction and Reuse

The simplest and most significant opportunity for cost savings in the material stream is to prevent it from becoming waste in the first place. SSC’s skilled team performs a detailed evaluation of your operations and resulting waste streams. Implementing an aggressive waste prevention and source reduction program will increase efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Throughout the process, SSC aims to identify particular waste streams that can be sold as raw material to other organizations or reused in production. Finding a potential user of your waste can provide significant cost savings, or even additional revenue, depending on the material and the agreement.

Selecting the right waste handling vendor is critical. SSC works with your organization to assess potential vendors and choose the one that shares your waste diversion vision and will help reach your waste reduction goals.

Extended Producer Responsibility and Product Stewardship

SSC has expertise in Sustainable Product Design and Product Stewardship, including implementing Extended Producer Responsibility programs and developing closed loop systems. Collecting end-of-life materials for a closed loop system reduces the need for virgin materials, which drastically decreases both environmental and financial impacts while protecting against future material price fluctuations.

Education and Behavior Change

Even a well-designed waste diversion system will fail if people do not follow it, or even know how to use it. This is one of the most common issues SSC encounters when implementing waste diversion programs. Education and training is a critical piece in implementing a successful waste diversion strategy. During your waste diversion program development, SSC will train your staff to ensure proper implementation. Educating your team will allow for a smooth transition and deliver a faster return on investment.

Ongoing Measurement and Benchmarking

Continuous tracking of material flows and waste diversion is key to ensuring your program is working effectively. As time progresses, trends and usage data can help identify further opportunities and provide running metrics to demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability. SSC will set up and monitor benchmarking and measurement procedures to assist in continuous improvement.

Marketing and Certification

Once your organization has successfully implemented your new waste diversion strategy, you may want to tell the world. SSC can help in getting your facility’s waste diversion rate certified by an independent third party and assist with setting goals for future improvement.

As the global economy expands and competition increases, corporations are facing new challenges and looking for innovative ways to succeed. Reducing waste not only reduces costs, but also positions an organization as a responsible market leader.

SSC Acceptable Means of Diversion:

  • Source reduction
  • Recycling
  • Materials returned to supplier
  • Reuse in same process
  • Reuse in different process
  • Redesign to eliminate waste
  • Processing and selling to third party
  • Composting
  • Anaerobic digestion with energy recovery
  • Waste-to-Energy (non-recyclable/not economically recoverable materials)