Giving back

SSC believes that businesses have a commitment to serve not only their clients and employees, but also the communities in which they occupy. We take our responsibility seriously and are always looking for more ways to give back to our community. Below are some of the efforts we make to improving our communities.


“It’s not enough to just run a successful business. Giving back to our community and the positive impact we have on the world is a key performance metric for our organization.”

Tara Radzinski, CEO

Every year we plant an assortment of vegetable seeds in the raised beds outside of our office building.

Everyone in the office lends a hand in taking care of the garden in order to grow fresh, organic vegetables for people in need. Once our veggies are fully grown, we harvest them and donate them to the local food pantry. Since 2014 we have donated over 500 pounds of organic vegetables. This is one of the most rewarding community outreach projects that we do with the SSC team.


Each spring, the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy hosts a watershed-wide clean-up event.

Looking to make a positive difference in the health of our local streams and nearby habitats, SSC has participated in the stream clean up since 2009. The event focuses on removing trash, tires and other debris from regional waterways. Over the years, SSC has collected hundreds of pounds of trash and tires from the local streams in our watershed.


Each year, we donate backpacks filled with school supplies and presents during the holiday season to the Lifeline Baptist Community Church.

SSC purchases school supplies and backpacks for children in order to ensure that they have all of the supplies they need to be prepared for their first day of school. We pack 50 backpacks each year for children in grades K-8 and we donate them to Lifeline Baptist Community Church in Coatesville, PA.

During the holidays, we also donate gifts through the church’s program, A Lively Hope, which accepts donations for children of parents who are imprisoned, newly released community members, children who have lost parents or loved ones to violent acts of crime, parents who have passed away while incarcerated, as well as parents who are in rehabilitation services. Over the years we have donated hundreds of gifts.

We are so happy that we were able to provide children with the materials they need to further their education and gifts to make the holidays warm and bright.